Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What Can Be Improved in Toronto Emergency Medical Services Response

There is something that really have caught my attention these months. Many times I see City of Toronto Emergency Medical Services, EMS, vehicles responding to the emergency. But, what I found wrong is that the driver drives fast through the downtown, midtown streets without lights and sirens on. Only when the vehicle approaches an intersection, the driver turns the sirens and lights on. But, it should not be like that. The sirens are designed to have intensity that can be heard at least one block around and ahead, so the other traffic participants can adjust their speeds and be ready to give the approaching EMS vehicle much needed space and right of way to go through. It is wrong to silently drive EMS vehicle with speeds much greater than the surrounding traffic when responding to emergencies, just because there seem to be no cars ahead. That's double mistake. First, the EMS driver does not warn in advance the other drivers who also approach next intersection, hence making it dangerous and possibly wasting precious time necessary for the emergency. Second mistake is, driving at higher speeds in the city, without emergency lights and sirens on, endangers other traffic participants who have no advance warning that dangerously accelerating vehicle is approaching.

The drivers of EMS vehicles should follow the rules, as simple as that. Otherwise they are greatly endangering lives of persons in emergency and of traffic participants. The rules are simple. Put the emergency lights and sirens on, all the time when responding to an emergency, and not only when you are approaching intersections.

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