Friday, April 13, 2012

Using Burglar Deterrent CD and Webcam as Home Security Solution

If you have a laptop and a separate webcam, it can be used as an inexpensive but very effective intruder monitoring system. A simple setup will allow sending e-mails with photos attached when a motion is detected inside the room. Free versions of webcam monitoring software can be found from SupervisionCam, I don't know 100% website address, google search should help. Using SupervisionCam monitoring software (with laptop) and any burglar deterrent CD as a deterrent can be very effective home security solution. Laptop batteries will last through any power outage too.

Also, an ideal deterrent combination is an automatic light switch timer and a burglar deterrent CD. Light timer will trick, deter burglar during the night, while random household noises from the CD will deter burglars day and night. CD can be purchased on CDBaby for $2.98

And last, but not the least, :-), a selection of articles about using webcam as motion sensor for home security projects are available on Scribd,

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lebowski Fest in Toronto

Who would like to see Lebowski Fest in Toronto? Let's see how many achievers are here... Poll is in the right pane.

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