Monday, December 12, 2011

Novel Burglar Deterrent Methods

On December 15, 2011, Toronto Police released details about rush of burglaries (CP24) here. In addition to releasing details about the investigation dubbed Prybar, police has discussed a new crime-prevention initiative for businesses to protect themselves from burglaries and thefts. If you want to prevent burglaries of your apartment, one of the novel method is Burglar Deterrent CD, Anti-theft Home Occupancy Sounds on CD.

Washington Post: Every 14.6 seconds a burglary takes place in the U. S. 

Toronto company Super Deterrent is distributing its product, burglar deterrent CD, since 2009. Read more about the benefits of home occupancy sounds in the battle against opportunistic burglars.

Do you plan to travel next month? Or, next week? Do you want your home to be safer while you are away?

An apartment or a house that presents itself as unoccupied is far more likely to be targeted by burglars than one which is properly secured. Absence of noise will attract burglars. While you cannot be home all of the time, you can use a home security solution that works for you around the clock. It is easy to use burglar deterrent CD, with recorded household sounds, that fills in your home with everyday noises and instantly alarms the burglar that someone is in. If you remove opportunity, you will prevent the burglary.

This innovative device, that greatly reduces chance of burglary, has been on the market for sometime. Several manufacturers already sell product online and in home security stores (just Google the phrase “burglar deterrent CD”).

The main advantage of this audio recording is that it’s capable of creating a realistic impression that your home is occupied. It works best for apartments and condominiums. It is one of the most convincing things you can do to make your home unattractive to opportunistic burglars when you are away. The sounds are nonintrusive, crisp, random household sounds that come from kitchen, bathroom, living room. There are also well designed silence intervals  that effectively contrast with, and accentuate sounds that come after. Moreover, CD lasts one hour (obviously, a CD Player option “Continuous Play” will be chosen for non stop run), with variety of noises selected, so burglar doesn’t have even the slightest chance to notice any pattern.

The volume intensity of the tracks on these CDs is chosen so that it does not disturb your neighbors. These recorded sounds can not be heard through the walls in the same manner your neighbor can not hear your spoon or fork hitting the plate during the dinner. Yet, these sounds can be easily and clearly heard if someone listens outside the front door.

Playing burglar deterrent CD is easy. Just put it into your favorite CD player and chose the volume intensity between 30% and 40% of the maximum value. Then select “Repeat All” or “Continuous Play” so it plays non stop. You can test it in front of the door to hear and see the effect and chose the best speaker orientation and sound volume.

Before you go on vacation, and after you review your home security checklist (many excellent checklists can be found online), do what all police departments recommend. Make your home look and sound occupied. By playing a burglar deterrent CD you will achieve a lot in increasing the level of security of your home.

You can always use burglar deterrent CD in combination with other devices. The most effective combination is burglar deterrent CD and automatic light switch timer that turns lights on and off throughout the day and night.

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