Monday, August 29, 2011

Germany-Greece in Talks Over Massive $29 billion Solar Project

Here is the article from Renewable Energy World

The project aims to reach 10 GW of capacity, which would rival it with the 10.2 GW produced by Public Power Corporation, Greece's main electricity company.

Germany-Greece $29 billion dollar project should benefit many solar firms, of course. Ontario R&D based ARISE Technologies (TSX:APV, also trades on Frankfurt Exchange), with the actual manufacturing plants in Germany, may be in an excellent position to benefit from the Germany-Greece project.

The Company has three divisions: Photovoltaic (PV) Cell, PV Silicon and PV Systems. The PV Cell Division manufactures PV cells. The PV Silicon Division is using a method to produce silicon at 7N+ high-purity (99.99999 % purity) for PV cell applications, based on a chemical vapor deposition process. The PV Systems Division provides PV solutions for solar farms and rooftop installations. The PV Cell division is developing a high-efficiency (20%+) thin-film on silicon wafer heterojunction PV solar cell based on its process technology. ARISE owns a United States manufacturing process patent (DC saddle-field deposition) related to depositing thin-films on substrates.

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