Friday, June 24, 2011

How to Shave More Effectively

While Fusion 5 Blade Razor is an excellent shaving system, there was still pulling, tugging sensation during shave. I have tried different brand names shaving foams, ranging in price from $4 to $20. Results were very similar. Smooth shaving was absent.

Then I realized, if I shave after showering, hair washing, during which facial hair gets way more warm water flow time wise, and hence in volume, the shave was extremely smooth. Apparently, it matters how well wet the facial hair gets.

My next step was, when the shaving time came, to get a plastic container, around 1/2 liter, fill it with warm water and let it flow over the beard, from both sides. I repeated that 2 times. Then I used quite ordinary Gillette or similar shaving foam. I first shaved with BIC razor. Very smooth, no tugging, pulling. Then, I splashed a bit of warm water over face again, put little bit of foam, maybe 5 times less than the first time, then used Fusion 5, and again, shave was nice, smooth! With this method, both razors, BIC and Fusion 5, lasted much longer too.

It was evident that if you wet the facial hair with the flowing water, in the way I mentioned, there was a tremendous shaving improvement in the sense of smoothness.

Just wanted to share this approach to shaving after buying and then experimenting with so many shaving razors and shaving foams.

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