Friday, May 27, 2011

How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

One of the reasons we gain weight is because we eat late at night. Essentially, it is recommended not to eat anything after 7:00PM. Now, I found myself sometimes eating pizza at 9 pm or later.

Here is one suggestion that may work to motivate me or you to change and stop the habbit of eating late at night.

Every time you have a power to skip a late night meal, send yourself an e-mail, with the subject My Weight Loss Control, with precise date and time when you decided to skip a meal. When you manage to do that several times, you will see, in your e-mail inbox, a series of e-mails that undoubtedly show your will power and motivation power to skip the late night meals. If you use gmail, you can filter e-mails by the subject, and you will see, after a week or two, how many times you have succeeded in skipping late night eating! You will be proud of yourself.

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